QD&D Cragmaw Hideout

From the spellbook of Dionisia, Wizard and Acolyte of Oghma:

22 Ches 1488

Together with my recent companions, I have begun to explore the hideout of these Cragmaw goblins. Vile creatures of average intellect but low cunning, Goblins have nonetheless proven adroit at evading our collective tactics. Luckily I had the foresight to prepare magic missile today and was able to circumvent their natural acrobatics to deal the final blows to two goblins.

My companions have proven useful in several ways. Ellie Hilltopple and Meldrick Thornhurst were able to move as if they were themselves shadows to approach a goblin which Ellie had previously reconnoitered as itself acting as sentry on an overhead natural bridge. With Meldrick as backup, Ellie was able to make an impressive shot in relative darkness and take out the goblin undetected.

Later, Meldrick used a combination of his skill with animals and a food ration to calm some wolves which had been barking and yapping and may have given away our location. My respect for him increased greatly.

Ray of frost, though convenient in that I am so familiar with it that it is permanently ingrained in my mind, has proven to be less reliable a damage dealer than magic missile if only because of the chance to miss my target. As my knowledge of the arcane increases and my powers grow, my effectiveness may increase.