D&D Class Options

Class and subclass options for Dungeons & Dragons 5e for all published books, Unearthed Arcana, and the Elemental Evil Players Companion.

Class Hit Die Primary Ability Secondary Ability Saving Throw Proficiencies Armor and Weapon Proficiencies Source
Artificer d8 INT CON or DEX CON & INT Light and medium armor, shields, simple weapons, hand crossbows, and heavy crossbows TCoE 9
Alchemist Use potions to heal allies & damage opponents; gain a homonculus ally. TCoE 14
Armorer Iron Man, but with magic instead of technology. TCoE 15
Artillerist Create magical items like Portal turrets, gun wands, and fortifications. TCoE 17
Battle Smith Ranger-y with support spells and a mechanical pet that acts on your initiative. TCoE 18
Barbarian d12 STR CON STR & CON Light and medium armor, shields, simple and martial weapons PHB 46
Path of the Ancestral Guardian Spectral warriors hinder attacks against others, reduce damage against others, and do some damage. XGtE 9
Path of the Berserker High survivability with bonus attacks and counter attacks. PHB 49
Path of the Storm Herald TODO XGtE 10
Path of the Totem Warrior Spirit animal grants you bonuses while raging. PHB 50
Path of the Zealot Battle with the fury of the gods, who grant benefits to damage, resurrection spells targeting you, limited advantage on saving and attack throws, and the ability to inspire others. XGtE 11
Bard d8 CHA DEX or STR DEX & CHA Light armor, simple weapons, hand crossbows, longswords, rapiers, shortswords. PHB 51
College of Glamour Use Fey-taught performances to buff allies and charm opponents. You can also command others without casting a spell. XGtE 14
College of Lore Insult others to give them penalties; extra knowledge, skills, and spells. PHB 54
College of Swords Fighter-y with high mobility, extra attacks, and special flourishes that deal more damage and add to AC, damage multiple enemies, or push opponents away. XGtE 15
College of Valor More combat focused; can inspire greater damage or defense. PHB 55
College of Whispers Manipulate the minds of others to deal extra damage, frighten others with words, and disguise yourself as fallen humanoids. XGtE 16
Cleric d8 WIS DEX or STR WIS & CHA Light and medium armor, shields, simple weapons PHB 56
Forge Domain Give +1 to weapons or armor, gain fire and weapon related spells, channel divinity to “forge” objects, and gain resistance to fire and +1 to AC. XGtE 18
Grave Domain Gain power over death, to prevent it, delay it, or to bring it forth. XGtE 19
Knowledge Domain Wizard-y with extra languages, skill proficiencies, and doubled proficiency bonuses. PHB 55
Life Domain Bonuses to healing, heavy armor PHB 60
Light Domain Paladin-y with disadvantage to attackers, banish darkness and deal radiant damage. PHB 60
Nature Domain Druid-y with elemental damage manipulation. PHB 60
Tempest Domain Fighter-y with damage retribution and thunder/lightning damage benefits. Can fly at high levels. PHB 61
Trickery Domain Rogue-y with illusory duplicate of yourself that lets you cast spells from its location and gives advantage on attack rolls when flanking. PHB 63
War Domain Barbarian-y with bonus attacks, increased chance to hit, and extra damage. PHB 63
Druid d8 WIS CON INT & WIS Light and medium armor (nonmetal), shields (nonmetal), clubs, daggers, darts, javelins, maces, quarterstaffs, scimitars, sickles, slings, spears PHB 64
Circle of Dreams Blessings of the Fey allow you to heal others, provide safety during rests, and allow you to teleport yourself or others short distances. XGtE 22
Circle of the Land Limited spell slot recovery on short rest, extra spells PHB 68
Circle of the Moon Wild shape is bonus action, healing in wild shape, higher CR wild shape forms. PHB 68
Circle of the Shepherd Gain a spirit totem that projects beneficial auras to you and your allies. Improved conjuring of beasts. XGtE 23
Fighter d10 STR or DEX CON STR & CON All armor, shields, simple and martial weapons PHB 70
Arcane Archer Magically imbue some attacks with impressive benefits, imbue arrows with magic and redirect misses. XGtE 28
Battle Master Fighting maneuvers offer major combat bonuses PHB 73
Cavalier You ride a horse, lock enemies in on yourself, and prevent them from moving away. XGtE 30
Champion Increased crit range, add 1/2 proficiency bonus to STR, DEX, CON checks, extra fighting style at high levels. PHB 72
Eldritch Knight Battle caster with spellcasting ability, bond to weapons to avoid being disarmed and summon them. PHB 74
Samurai Intensity in battle grants you advantage on attack rolls and temp HP while discipline grants persuasion bonus and proficiency in a saving throw. XGtE 31
Monk d8 DEX WIS STR & DEX Simple weapons, shortswords PHB 76
Way of the Drunken Master Mimic the jerky, uneasy sways of a drunkard into a combat performance, granting disengage, faster standing, and the ability to redirect missed melee attacks against you. XGTE 33
Way of the Four Elements Spend Ki to get various elemental benefits PHB 80
Way of the Kensei Channel Ki into weapons to become a more damaging, tank-y Monk. XGtE 34
Way of the Open Hand Buff Flurry of Blows attacks, add healing and self-protection. PHB 79
Way of the Sun Soul Throw bolts of radiant energy and create cones a of fire to deal damage. XGtE 35
Paladin d10 STR CHA WIS & CHA All armor, shields, simple and martial weapons PHB 82
Oath of the Ancients Nature flavored with Druid-y spells, protective aura against spell damage, restrain enemies, and turn fey and fiends. PHB 86
Oath of Conquest Frighten and control opponents. XGtE 37
Oath of Devotion Protection spells, channel divinity to increase attack rolls and turn fiends and undead. PHB 85
Oath of Redemption Prefer diplomacy to violence, punish violence by reflecting damage, and defend allies by taking damage for them. XGtE 39
Oath of Vengeance Frighten enemies and get single target advantages. Batman/avenging angel themed. PHB 88
Ranger d10 DEX WIS STR & DEX Light and medium armor, shields, simple and martial weapons PHB 89
Beast Master Get a combat animal companion. PHB 93
Gloom Stalker Lurk in the dark and ambush enemies for extra attacks and damage. XGtE 41
Horizon Walker Manipulate the planes to become ethereal and teleport before attacking, as well as making weapon attacks use force damage and gain bonus damage. XGtE 42
Hunter Highly customizable with options for increased damage, additional attacks, and interesting defensive options. PHB 93
Monster Hunter Determine creatures strengths and vulnerabilities, designate your prey who you gain advantages against. XGTE 43
Rogue d8 DEX DEX & INT Light armor, simple weapons, hand crossbows, longswords, rapiers, shortswords. PHB 94
Arcane Trickster 1/3 spellcaster with Mage Hand antics and spell stealing. PHB 97
Assassin Massive damage on targets who haven’t attacked yet and disguise/infiltration expertise. PHB 97
Inquisitive   XGtE 45
Thief Criminal, treasure hunter, explorer, investigator. PHB 97
Sorcerer d6 CHA CON WIS & CON Daggers, darts, slings, quarterstaffs, light crossbows PHB 99
Draconic Bloodline Great Grandmama was a dragon. You get some benefits of that, including flying at medium-high levels. PHB 102
Wild Magic Sometimes can’t control magic. Chaos ensues. Limited manipulation of dice rolls. PHB 103
Warlock d8 CHA CON WIS & CHA Light armor, simple weapons PHB 105
The Archfey Manipulate the minds of others with charm, frighten, invisibility, and illusion. PHB 108
The Fiend Barbarian-y. Benefits to martial style fighting including lots of temporary hit points and damage spells. PHB 109
The Great Old One Some telepathic communication and control spells, and some minor defensive boons. PHB 109
Wizard d6 INT CON INT & WIS Daggers, darts, slings, quarterstaffs, light crossbows PHB 112
School of Abjuration Magically protect yourself and others PHB 115
School of Conjuration Magically create objects and creatures. PHB 116
School of Divination Roll d20s and optionally use those results in place of another roll. Gain a perception benefit such as Darkvision or see invisibility. PHB 116
School of Enchantment Hypnotize creatures, charm creatures to attack others, enchant multiple creatures. PHB 117
School of Evocation Control the shape and increase the damage of Evocation spells. Cantrips can damage creatures who save PHB 117
School of Illusion Use illusions to avoid damage, change the nature of illusions, and make parts of illusions real for a limited time. PHB 118
School of Necromancy Absorb health from foes you kill, buff your animate dead spell, resist necrotic damage, and take control of undead creatures. PHB 118
School of Transmutation Alchemy, choice of various benefits through transmuter’s stone, limited polymorph on self, and at high levels raise dead, fully heal (including ailments), and a couple of other things. PHB 119