Q D&D Goblin Ambush


Since work has been slow at the docks, I’ve taken a temporary job to help us make ends meet. Gundren Rockseeker, that dwarf who is often in the area to inspect goods being delivered to him or to send goods away. Gundren has offered me a job as an escort to a cart of equipment he needs delivered to Phandalin, a small village southwest from Neverwinter nestled in the foothills of the Sword Mountains.

The first several days of the journey were uneventful and the time was passed by speaking with my companions - four others who Gundren also hired to escort this wagon of goods.

Duke Rutledge is a human of some noble birth whose parents’ home was destroyed when Mount Hotenow erupted. Duke is a name, I believe, not a title, but he certainly carries himself as if he were of such a high rank. He says that he is along for the ride, as he has some notion of “civilizing” Phandalin.

Ellie is a former criminal with some band of thugs called the Redbrands. I’m not sure what happened, but she has beef with them now. She was walking a tab and Gundren saw her sneak out of the tavern. He was impressed (though I’m not sure why if he saw her). He offered to cover her tab and pay her to help keep the wagon safe.

Lirazel Sandbeer is Gundren’s cousin, and think that this makes her the leader of our group. She has spoken of keeping us in line, but there hasn’t been any cause for that to be needed. She is a cleric, and she seem suspicious of Ellie.

We have a mage! I know how much you enjoy magic, Trom. Dionisia is an elf, and I’ve seen her cast the most impressive beam of blue-white light that froze a Goblin in its tracks. She is on her way to a temple that she wants to reconsecrate, and Phandalin is along her way so she took the job for safety in numbers, though she seems like she can handle herself just fine.

About three days into the journey, we were ambushed by goblins on the road. They had blocked the road with horses and they nearly caught us off-guard while we were investigating and trying to move the horses. We dispatched three of the four, and the last led us to their hideout, where we believe they’ve taken Sildar, Gundren’s companion and bodyguard. We aren’t sure what happened to Gundren, who was taken as well. We made it to the cave and took out the guards outside, and we’re now recovering from a long day.

My watch is nearly over. I’ll send this message to you with the next tinker or other traveller going toward Neverwinter. Pay them a copper and no more - if you give another silver for a letter we’ll never have enough left over.

I love you, brother.


The brave adventurers rest in a blind outside the Cragmaw Goblin's hideout.