Caleb Hearth

I’m Caleb: a dreamer, speaker, and computer whisperer. I organized the Keep Ruby Weird conference, which of course you’ve heard of and are very impressed by. When I’m not painting miniatures or climbing cliffs to jump off into the water, I work for Heroku and code in Ruby and Go.

I’ve walked barefoot from the wintry tundra of Alaska to the harsh deserts of Arizona. Okay, that’s not true, but I did live in those places. I currently hail from Austin, TX—the taco capital of the United States.


Data Embedded Support Engineer at Heroku

Support Engineer at Heroku

Caleb was critical to the continued service of our Ruby platform during the leave of our Ruby language engineer. Caleb’s input, both technical and product-focused, has helped my team immensely, and we’re lucky to have him at Heroku.

In the last few months Caleb has thoroughly hit his stride. Both by being a consistently fantastic asset to the core support queue, but also by finding off helpdesk items he’s interested in and making his mark on them. I get to see both his active involvement and communication with colleagues about tasks, and the benefits to the rest of us on the support team as well. They make me incredibly happy, and grateful, to see.”

Developer at thoughtbot, inc.

Caleb has all of the technical skills you would look for in a senior or lead developer. I know him to be an expert with Ruby and Rails and to have picked up other technologies with ease as necessary. He also has a knack for giving great product feedback. More important than his technical ability, Caleb is among my very favorite people to work with. He’s eager to share and learn, a joy to talk to, and cares deeply about doing the right work the right way. I would jump at the chance to work closely with Caleb again and will miss him should he move elsewhere.

Caleb has been one of the most talented developers I’ve worked with. He has some of the best technical knowledge I’ve seen. He always pushes beyond the minimum required, and makes sure that what ends up in the code base is the “right” solution. Any company would be lucky to have him on their development team.

Organizer of Keep Ruby Weird

Working at Heroku I’m exposed to countless programmers both as co-workers and customers, Caleb is easily in the top 1% of developers that I’ve worked with. I find many developers are either far too theoretical and can’t actually write code, or they go in guns blazing and write a ton of horrible code quickly. Caleb seems to have found the perfect balance providing pragmatic solutions that are delivered quickly and cleanly. He remains interested and engaged in upcoming technologies without being one of those developers that refuses to use anything but the latest technologies. It’s clear by his actions that he is passionate about code, and seeks to better himself and his community every day. He is also one of the few programmers I’ve found that are capable of managing a team. I co-organize a Ruby conference with Caleb, from the beginning he identified gaps in our process and stepped in to fill them himself or delegate where appropriate. Having Caleb on the conference has been a real team multiplier. Without being asked he assumed a leadership role, and implemented cross-team processes. Caleb is a truly talented engineer, you should hire him.

Software Engineer at BIT Systems

I’ve known Caleb since he first started to learn how to program. Caleb is a very talented engineer who can pick up a new framework at a moment’s notice and become an expert in record time. For example, he went from being completely new to Rails to presenting at Rails conferences in just a couple years. I’d recommend Caleb to the most challenging of projects.

Software Development Intern at First National Bank Alaska

Caleb is an exceptionally talented software developer. I hired him as a summer intern at First National Bank Alaska. He quickly adapted to our process and tools, and integrated with the rest of the team. Additionally, Caleb out-performed members of our team who had significantly greater experience. His expertise allowed our department to eliminate a lingering backlog of software development projects. I wouldn’t hesitate to hire Caleb again.


Bachelor of Science, Software Engineering at University of Advancing Technology

Caleb is a thoughtful student whose work belies a maturity not seen in most other students. His comments in class always help guide a discussion and add a level of analysis not typically presented by other students.


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