Salary Social Club

Hi I'm Caleb Hearth (@[email protected] on Mastodon, feel free to @ me for questions or email me). I'd like to ask you some pretty personal, socially inappropriate questions about who you are and how much money you make. Except for base annual salary, all of these answers are optional.

The idea behind the others, which I'll admit are not ones I'd ask to your face, is to get the answer to "How does my salary or job offer compare to the salaries of everyone who answered? How does it compare to people like me, based on the answers I provide?"

To visualize these answers, I'll create salary distribution charts like this one for various answers:

The majority of reported salaries were in the $40,000 USD range,
  with number of respondents with a given salary trailing down toward the
  highest reported salary of $190,000
Salary distribution for respondents in the US is closer to a normal
  distribution with a plateau ~$60,000 USD and $120,000 USD
US Male distribution is similar to US distribution. Overlaid is US
  Femal distribution which has a higher percentage of salaries at ~$85,000 and
  fewer salaries than US Male distribution in the higher ranges

None of this data will be available except in aggregate, such as in the graphs above.

Some of it, such as email address, will not be made public at all but is so I can contact you about the survey later, to let you know when results are available. While I may at some point provide a way for you to opt into sharing the info (which is why I'm connecting it to an email address), I won't ever share it for you, and it won't be published in a way that can be tied to you.

The plan is to provide a bunch of visual "slices" so that you can compare to everyone, to folks in the same location, with the same gender, those working at companies with similar employee counts, or some combination of these and the other answers. This can help you to evaluate a job offer or be used as data when negotiating a raise.

The same data will be useful for employers. They'll be able to look at the results and search for things like years of experience, location, industry, and company size to help set their expectations for what salaries and offers are fair. Everybody wins.