QD&D Sildar & Phandalin

Lirazel, cleric of Marthammor Duin, prays to her dwarven god of the dwarf god of wanderers, travelers, and outcasts:

I thank thee, Marthammor, for my safe arrival in Phandalin, and that of my companions.

I thank thee for the power to succor my friends and destroy your enemies.

I thank thee for allowing Sildar to recover, who told us of the Rockseekers.

I ask for aid in finding Gundren at Cragmaw Castle, which our enemy gave us directions to.

I ask for aid in retrieving the map that shows the lost location of Wave Echo Cave.

I ask for aid in protecting the people of Phandalin from orcish raiders to the east.

I ask for aid in finding Iarno Albrek, wizard of the Lords’ Alliance, who is missing in Phandalin. The lost are your children. May Sildar have luck learning more about what happened from the townmaster.

I thank thee for new friends, like Halia Thornton who desires to destroy the enemies of Phandalin, and friends we have yet to meet, like Daran Edermath who has left the path of the adventurer and taken the respite of the orchard. I have heard that he is looking for people of courage and principle to set straight the evil Redbrands, who killed Thel Dendrar when he stood up to them. I pray safety for his family, who are missing.

I thank thee for protecting young Carp, the farmer’s son, when he saw Redbrands meeting with bandits in a tunnel in the woods.

I thank thee for allowing my ally Melkor the good fortune to hear of his town of Thundertree, and the druid Reidoth who is in that town. I ask you to aid Melkor in restoring his town.

By the way did you hear that Melkor took a vow of chastity? Hilarious.

We have confronted the Redbrands. With Ellie, who they know, away, we have convinced them that we are looking for work. I pray aid in our attempt.

By the mace and by the boot of Marthammor.