Not Invented Here

I’m guessing there are few original ideas in Rails; it’s just a matter of execution and delivery execution is crazy important, though - struts was based on really similar ideas, and struts sucks

Things Rails Didn’t Invent

What can I say in 5 minutes that makes you want to listen? I don’t care about rails

lead with what matters to you: how you can be better,

talk about yaml injection vs json?

Nancy Duarte - TED talk giving presentations

RPC is remote procedure calls - REST is a competitor REST won partially because Rails picked it

Take ideas and make them more popular

DHH talks about rest - Railsconf

Pick an idea that:

and make it popular

Choosing tools for the job Persistence:

“Buy for parity; build for competitive advantage” I know you want to do it. Interesting problems are fun to solve but they already have been. Don’t be seduced by the problem - you’re trying to get something out the door Are you going to have a better idea than Fielding had abotu REST?

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