Trump Administration as D&D Monsters

Image credit: Campbell Law Observer

Back in September, I enjoyed this tread by Professor Greg Gbur (@drskyskull on Twitter) imagining Trump Administration officials as Dungeons & Dragons monsters. My favorite is Giulliani as a Gibbering Mouther, for which Gbur found the perfect photo.


“Medusa” by Luciano Garbati

It’s worth noting that the idea of Medusa as a monster is problematic in the sense that Medusa was a victim of rape by the god Poseidon and killed by the “hero” Perseus. It might be slightly more appropriate to label Ivanka a Gorgon, the type of creature that Medusa was cursed by Athena to become because of Athena’s jealousy of Medusa’s beauty and Poseidon’s attraction to her.

Luciano Garbati created a sculpture of Medusa, victorious over her would-be assassin Perseus, which has become a symbol of feminist rage in the #metoo era.

Because of this context, Gbur offers an alternative monster for Ivanka Trump:

If you ask me, none of these are fair - to the monsters.

There’s some other great D&D Trump content out there:

Do you know of other political / D&D content out there? Let me know!